List of projects


122Residential House, Berlin-Frohnau
2023Berlin, D250 m2architecturerealisation
121 Collective - Kultur der Natur2021Campos, Mallorca, E-scenography / videorealisation
120Bella 33, transformation of a workshop2020Uslar, D60 m2architecturerealisation
119Nature reserve Tempelhofer Feld2019Berlin, D-architecture / urban developmentstudy
118 WBM Symposium: Housing forms for sustainable urban development2019Berlin, D-architecture / urban developmentpresentation
117Longhouse for the Youth, St. Benedikt, Nütschau Monastery2019 -Travenbrück, D1050 m2architecturein progress
116After Art - Culture of Nature, part 12018Campos, Mallorca, E-scenography / videorealisation
115Open House2018Berlin, D140 m2scenographyrealisation
114Hyper City Berlin-Hamburg2018highway Berlin-Hamburg A24-urban designunbuilt
113Conversion of a practice and a restaurant into an appartment2018Uslar, D-architecturerealisation
112Residential and office building2018Berlin, D9300 m2urban design / architectureunbuilt
110 WBM Symposium: Innovative and sustainable development of urban quarters

2018Berlin, D-urban development / architecturepresentation
109"Arthouse" Set Design for funnytastes2017Berlin, D
50 m2scenographyrealisation
108Apartment House HYREISS2017Hannover, D
730 m2architectureunbuilt
1072N Housing, superstructure on parking garage with housing and ateliers2018 -Berlin, D
3000 m2architecturein progress
106 House Prototype R and K, agricultural-urban hybrid-form2016Amposta, E120 m2architectureunbuilt
105Common Archipelagos. Vision of the city as natural metropolis 2017Berlin, D
-urban designunbuilt
104Topographical House, Europan 102016Jänschwalde-Nord, Brandenburg, D130 m2architectureunbuilt
103Space for attentiveness, town house2016Campos, Mallorca, E
120 m2scenographyrealisation
102 Building codes - Content and art conception for the German contribution to the 15th Architecture Biennale in Venice 20162015Venice, I
450 m2scenographyapplication, shortlist
101 WBM Symposium: Modular construction for redensification
2016AEDES Architekturforum Berlin, D-urban development / architecturepresentation
100Club house Pro Sport e.V. - modular construction 2019Berlin, D100 m2architecturerealisation
099Seventh Continent - Culture of Nature, Part 22016Campos, Mallorca, E120 m2scenography / videorealisation
098Redesigning of an apartment at Unité d’habitation Le Corbusier2016Berlin, D180 m2architecturerealisation
097 Library at Loccum Abbey2016Loccum, Lower Saxony, D1200 m2architecturecompetition
096Urban concept - densification Friedrichshain-West2016Berlin, D-urban designpotential analysis
095Urban design of Schumacher Quartier Tegel2016Berlin, D480.000 m2urban designpotential analysis / competition
093Conversion and expansion of Villa Arth2017Berlin, D740 m2architecturein progress
092 Museum of the 20th Century2016Berlin, D27.500 m2architecturecompetition
091Taut housing complex “Leinestraße”, densification2016Berlin, D3000 m2urban design / architecturefeasibility study
090Similar images, documentation and film2016Berlin, Dvideorealisation
089Conversion live-in studio, documentation and film2016Berlin, Darchitecture / videorealisation
088Trailer Park, temporary refugee accommodations2016Berlin, Darchitecture / urban designunbuilt
087Open Studio2015Berlin, D180 m2scenographyrealisation
086Development Study, Estate Spandau,
overbuilding of a parking garage

2015Berlin, D8.500 m2architecture / urban designfeasibility study
085Can Lis2015Portopetro, Mallorca, Earchitectureunbuilt
084WBS 70, Prefab revisited,
exhibition and studio talk
2015Berlin, D140 m2scenographyrealisation
083Densification quarter Stralauer Allee, Friedrichshain2015Berlin, D40.000 m2urban designpotential analysis
082Bauhaus Museum2015Dessau, D4000 m2architecturecompetition
081Villa Liebe, extension buildings2015Potsdam, D120 m2architecturerealisation
080Balance City, Schillerpromenade2015Berlin, Darchitectureunbuilt
079Schillerpromenade - urban study and guideline for rehabilitation and innovation 2015Berlin, D43.000 m2architecture / urban designexpertise
078Moving systems - Characteristics, scales and motion mechanisms of the ocean
2015Campos, Mallorca, Escenographyrealisation
077New urban structures
2015Thessaloniki, GR18.000 m2architecture / urban designpotential analysis
075Luisenstadt, densification of a city block2014Berlin, D10700 m2architecture / urban designpotential analysis
074Luisenstadt, Green densification2014Berlin, D10700 m2architecture / urban designexpertise
073visitor information centre for the German Bundestag2014Berlin, Darchitecture / urban designunbuilt
072Housing Gropiusstadt2016Berlin, D7050 m2architecture / urban designrealisation
071Densification study Estate Uhlenhorst2014Berlin, Darchitecture / urban designfeasibility study
070Urban Living - sustainable housing concepts2014Berlin, D21.000 m2architecture / urban designcompetition and potential analysis
067Gartenheim - transformation of allotment gardens for permanent housing 2013Berlin, Darchitecture / urban designpotential analysis
065Gropiusstadt-Süd, future model for a cityscape2013Berlin, D22.000 m2architecture / urban designfeasibility study
064 Modernisation of the Central Library, Dortmund University 2013Dortmund, D15.400 m2architecturefeasibility study
063Densification Gropiusstadt-South, masterplan2012Berlin, D510.000m2urban designurban peer review, winning design
062Energy-efficient townhouses2012Dortmund, D400 m2architectureresearch / realisation
061Garden, Villa Massimo, Exhibition2012Rome, I200 m2scenographyrealisation
060Energy conservation concept for a city block2011Berlin, D2.050 m2architecturefeasibility study / realisation
059Dortmund University Logo2011Dortmund, D-architecturerealisation
058Energy rehabilitation of a housing row2011Frankfurt a. M., D-architecturerealisation
057Conversion four-room-duplex-apartment2011Berlin, D180 m2architecturerealisation
056Bree residence2010Hannover, D350 m2architectureunbuilt
055International meeting centre, Dortmund University2010Dortmund, D600 m2architecturerealisation
054The Open Space - The practical value of the hall at Neue Nationalgalerie 2010Berlin, Darchitectureresearch
053 Monument to Freedom and Unity 2009Berlin, D1.000 m2architecturecompetition
052Restoration historical half-timbered house 2008Uslar, D120 m2architecturerealisation
051Commercial building2008Uslar, D600 m2architecturerealisation
050Wanke residence2008MŸünchen, D290 m2architecturerealisation
049Central open space in administrative city2007Yeongi-gun, ROK6.982 km2urban design / landscape designcompetition
048Entrance hall Munich airport2007MŸünchen, D104.000 m2architecturecompetition
045Experiment hall for building materials2007Dortmund, D1.700 m2architectureunbuilt
043‘Topography of Terror’ – Documentation Centre2006Berlin, D3.600 m2architecture / landscape designcompetition, shortlisted
042Living in change2005-155 m2architecturecompetition
041Professional school "Köšrperpflege" (body care)2005Berlin,D6500 m2architecturecompetition, honorable mention
040Federal labour office2005Uslar, D700 m2architecturerealisation
039Conversion three-room-duplex-apartment2005Berlin, D120 m2architecturerealisation
038Campus Westend2004Frankfurt a.M., D41.500 m2architecturecompetition
037Notango, exhibition architecture2004Berlin, D1.000 m2architecturerealisation
036Shrinking Cities - rethinking the city2004Halle/Leipzig, D-urban designcompetition
035Commercial and residential building2004Berlin, D500 m2architectureunbuilt
034Building in Fields, Catalunya2004Amposta, S416.00 m2architecture / urban designcompetition 1st prize
033"Kunstraum” (art space), variable exhibition scenarios2004Berlin, D120 m2scenographyrealisation
032Park, Villa Torlonia - workshop and exhibition2003Rome, Iscenographyrealisation
032Public space design Alexanderplatz2003Berlin, D38.700 m2urban design / landscape designcompetition
031Nam June Paik Museum2003Yongin, ROK5.000 m2architecturecompetition
030Finale 03 Villa Massimo, exhibition2003Rome, I220 m2scenographyrealisation
029Cavalier House Rittergut Manor2003Meinbrexen, D330 m2architecturerealisation
028Townhall2002Parchim, D2.800 m2architecturecompetition
027Model workshop Dortmund University2002Dortmund, D500 m2architectureunbuilt
026 Lobby Unité d´Habitation Le Corbusier, Berlin Type2002Berlin, D200 m2architecturerealisation
025"Time reactive housing vision"2002Linz, A250 m2architecturecompetition
024Hotel Am Kurpark2002Bad Karlshafen, D650 m2architecturerealisation
021Tomihiro Art Museum2001Azuma, J3.500 m2architecturecompetition
020Urban expansion „In Between Cities”, Europan2001Nauen, D15.200 m2architecture / urban designcompetition 1st prize
019Finca2000Campos, Mallorca, E300 m2architecturerealisation
018Hochschule fŸür Bildende KŸünste (University of Fine Arts)2000Hamburg, D5.500 m2architecturecompetition
017Supermarket2000Uslar, D1.500 m2architectureunbuilt
016Concert hall2000Sarajevo, BIH12.000 m2architecturecompetition
015Walter collection, energetic optimization, moss garden 2000Hannover, Darchitecturerealisation
014Deichtorcenter office building2000Hamburg, D25.000 m2architecturecompetition
013Music Center1999Helsinki, FIN24.000 m2architecturecompetition
012Master plan submarine bunkers at Kéroman1999Lorient, F65.000 m2urban designcompetition
011Factory and warehouse facility1999Zaghouan, TN650 m2architectureunbuilt
010Development of an urban quarter, housing construction, Europan1998Guben-Gubin, D / PL13.200 m2architecture / urban designcompetition
009Conversion three-room-duplex-apartment 1998Berlin, D106 m2architecturerealisation
008Umweltbundesamt (Federal Environmental Agency)1998Dessau, D17.900 m2architecturecompetition
007Urban development for the 21st century1997Kyoto, J-urban designcompetition
006Haus am Mühlentor, residential and commercial building1997Uslar, D350 m2architecturerealisation
005 Museum of Fine Arts 1997Leipzig, D17.000 m2architecturecompetition
004New Collective Spaces – West Arc, Europan1997Thessaloniki, GR18.000 m2urban designcompetition
003Eagle House1992Braunschweig, D160 m2architecturerealisation
001Necropolis1993Braunschweig, Darchitecturediploma project