Residential House, Berlin-Frohnau

Open space concept in lightweight construction










Building as a material resource:

1 Existing brickwork cellar with precast floor slab: reuse from previous construction
2 Steel components: reuse or steel recycling
3 Wood frame construction: components reusable
4 Wood ceiling panels: components reusable
5 Interior planking clay building boards: natural raw material, compostable
6 Wood fiber insulation: renewable raw material, mainly made from wood waste
7 Lava stone heating screed: natural raw material, recyclable
8.Untreated fiber cement panels: separable by type, reusable
9 Green roof, rain retention for evaporative coolness, bee meadow


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ProgrammeResidential house
LocationBerlin-Frohnau, Germany
TeamIMKEWOELK + partners, 100Landschaftsarchitektur Thilo Folkerts
AreaGFA: 300 m2, NIA: 260 m2
ConstructionSkeleton construction on existing solid basement
ServicesProgram and location analyses, strategic development, technical concept, design-, approval- and implementation-planning, visualisation, detail planning, realisation
SustainabilityResource register of all materials (quantity, reusability and recyclability). Self-sufficient heat pump, green roof, integration of CO2-binding vegetation structures in the outdoor area, minimized development areas.