Nature reserve Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin

Laboratory for the coexistence of people and nature

The former airport site serves as a test space for the renegotiation of the urban coexistence of people, plants and animals. The results will be presented at an International Building Exhibition (IBA) and International Garden Show (IGA) in 2030.



Ecosystem, crackle varnish on oil with pickling powder, diameter: 29cm, 2003


Tempelhofer Feld, former airport site


Concept sketch of the nature reserve with infrastructure and external construction zone


Development zone for possible forms of encounter between urban, garden and natural space


What would it be like to initiate a project that combines a large number of the questions of this city to be solved in one project? And which, like an experimental laboratory, is working in a very concrete way on the construction of a resistant city? A city that offers new ways of interaction between people, plants and animals and is driven by an awareness of sustainability and compassion.

What would happen if the Tempelhofer Feld evolved into a nature reserve? To an area within the city from which man initially withdraws completely. The result would be a living space that is not determined by familiar urban spaces, but in which the coexistence between people and their nature is renegotiated. By 2030 this ‘green lung’ would have matured so far for Berlin, as it would become the joint venue for the International Building Exhibition (IBA) and the International Garden Show (IGA).


ProgrammeUrban quarter within landscape conservation area for International Building and Garden Exhibition (IBA + IGA) 2030

Exhibition at Deutsches Architekturzentrum (DAZ) Berlin part of a global exhibition project by
LETTERS TO THE MAYOR von Storefront Art and Architecture, New York.
LocationTempelhofer Feld, Berlin
Data355 ha
ServicesProgram and location analyses, strategic development, artistic concept, visualisation