Longhouse for the youth, St. Benedikt, Nütschau Monastery

A self-evident place



Monastery complex, in the foreground the area for the new youth centre St. Benedikt    © Klemens Ortmeyer


Spatial concept: platform with three longhouses – variants of temporary configuration


Lying monkshabit, drawing, 2021


Building as a material resource:

1 Solid timber framework: components can be reused.
2 Cross laminated timber ceilings and walls, solid: reuse and wood recycling
3 Photovoltaic roofing, full coverage, for self-sufficient power supply
4 Mastic asphalt floor screed: recycling
5 Engineered wood panels: OSB (construction) and plywood (interior): Reuse and wood recycling
6 Wooden boarding and wooden planks, solid: reuse


View from south


Entrance hall- Meditation room



Cavalier House Meinbrexen
Residential House Berlin-Frohnau

ProgrammeA new youth guesthouse with 50 overnight accommodations, common and recreational rooms, offices, kitchen, dining hall, and a housing unit for employees
Statusin progress
LocationTravenbrück, Germany
ClientBenediktinerpriorat St. Ansgar, Kloster Nütschau
AreaGFA: 1360 m2, NIA: 930 m2
ConstructionWood skeleton construction
ServicesProgram and location analyses, strategic development, technical concept, design- and approval-planning, visualisation, design planning, approval planning, implementation planning
SustainabilityResource register of all materials (quantity, reusability and recyclability). Self-sufficient heat pump, full-surface photovoltaic roof for power generation, integration of CO2-binding green structures in the outdoor area, minimized development areas.
Date2020 - 2023