Building in Fields, Catalunya

Model of growth of a settlement. 1st prize. Connecting of natural and urban space to a group design.

The project avoids the application of standard organizational terms, i.e. references to commencing and concluding. The shape of the settlement and of the landscape exists within alternating phases or intermediate steps, which are individually valid. The project only exists by virtue of its capacity for change. A space that can be experienced directly stays unchanged, so the phenomenon of time can be experienced.

> Building prototypes: ‘Homes on Fields’ 


Project area, Amposta, Spain

HAS9-1 HAS9-2
Existing plantations – available territory Historic and new parcelling
HAS9-3 HAS9-4
Existing and additional infrastructure Existing canal with additional water basins


Periods of growth: 5, 10, 20 years (maximum building density)

Group design, ink, tracing paper and oiled paper on canvas, 55 x 360 cm

House type A, inner courtyard with separated room structures
House type B, terrace with connected room structures

Above: house type A, plantation
Below: house type B, rice field
ProgramResidential district with market hall and public facilities, agricultural-urban hybrid-form
StatusInternational ideas competition, 1st prize
JuryStan Allen (USA), Alejandro Zaero-Polo (ES), Ryue Nizishawa (JP), Jaques Herzog (CH)
LocationAmposta, Catalunya, Spain
ClientCatalan Chamber of Architects, Barcelona
AreaCompetition area 416.000 m2, TSA: 43.400 m2
ConstructionTimber and steel frame construction
ServicesProgram and location analyses, strategic development, artistic concept, technical concept, design planning, visualisation