Culture of nature, part 2
The Art Object

Culture of nature, part 2
A contribution to the debate of cultural heritage

The video criticizes the man-made dualism of nature and culture. It is demanding a critical engagement for the environment and fights from an artistic position for the survival of our ecosystem. In an irritating way this archive of sculptures made of various plastic materials resemble archaeological and cultural artefacts from former civilizations. The objects are varied by quotes of authors, historians and natural scientists. The ‘plastic finds’ are considered as exponents of a bygone era, that has conveyed an incredible lot of waste. However, these sad relicts with their destructive energy own a sculptural strength and beauty. This paradox plays in an ironic way with the concepts of western art history.

AFTER ALL continues a series of videos started with ‘I SEA’. It was presented in 2019 as part of the official selection at AVIFF Art Film Festival Cannes and at the Architektur.Film.Sommer 2019 at the Architekturzentrum Vienna as well as at the Secret Architecture Shortfilmfestival 2020 by Mies.TV and the Wonderland Platform for European Architecture. It was screened for the first time at the 2018 contemporary art festival ARTNIT in Campos, Mallorca.



ProgrammeInstallation / Video
LocationAVIFF, Art Film Festival Cannes, 2019
Architektur.Film.Sommer, Architekturzentrum Vienna, 2019
ARTNIT, Festival for contemporary art, Campos, Mallorca, 2018