Conference: “Vielfalt mit System”

Housing for sustainable urban development

The third conference (“Variety with a system”) of WBM Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Berlin Mitte on current housing issues, was conceptualized and presented by Imke Woelk and Wilhelm Klauser at ANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory Berlin.

What are the current needs of the people living in the city and what forms of housing are the best to meet them? Welche Chancen bietet der Bestand und welche Rolle spielen Verwaltungen, Bürgerinitiativen und Investoren, wenn es darum geht, neue Ansätze zu realisieren? Using practical examples, 9 experts examined the needs, the range of supply and discussed how new concepts can be organized that offer greater good and social benefits.

Lecturers and panelists were: Reiner Wild, Michael Reichenbach, Jürgen F. Kelber, Britta Jürgens, Nanni Grau, Björn-M. Hiss, Corinna Scholz, Maria Brückner, Christina Geib and Jan Robert Kowalewski.

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Imke Woelk, conception and presentation, in dialogue with the speakers Reiner Wild, Managing Director of Berliner Mieterverein e.V., Christian Geib, Managing Director of WBM und Jürgen F. Kelber, real estate developer Heilbronn


Lectures (selection):






ProgrammeConference on forms of housing and urban development
ClientWBM Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Berlin-Mitte mbH (public housing association)
LocationANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory Berlin
Teilnehmer9 lecturers, 200 visitors
TeamImke Woelk with Wilhelm Klauser (InD)
ServicesConception, presentation and organization
Datua2019 (conference series 2016-2019)