Conference: Mit System nach oben

Modular development of city neighbourhoods

In the first of three conferences (“A System on the top”), organised by WBM Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Berlin-Mitte, Imke Woelk and Wilhelm Klauser (InD) discussed with architects, engineers and journalists the possibility of a modular re-densification of existing residential areas.

What potential do the existing neighbourhoods have as a basis for contemporary urbanity? In what ways can affordable housing be made possible in them in the future? How can a “prefabricated building” look like today? Can “fast – cheap – beautiful” be successful? Is a modular planning approach suitable when it comes to creating urgently needed living space?

The lecturers and panelists were: Finn Geipel, Martina Bauer, Thomas von Ballmoos, Dionys Ottl + Faraneh Farnoudi, Hermann Kaufmann, Josef Huber, Karsten Tichelmann, Tobias Götz, Carsten Hein, André Kempe, Niklas Maak, Weert Canzler, Stephan Schütz, Christa Reicher, Sebastian Helm, Jan Robert Kowalewski

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Imke Woelk, conception and presentation

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ProgrammeConference on modular re-densification of existing neighbourhoods
ClientWBM Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Berlin-Mitte mbH (public housing association)
LocationANCB The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory Berlin
Teilnehmer15 lecturers, 200 visitors
TeamImke Woelk with Wilhelm Klauser (InD)
ServicesConception, presentation and organization
Datua2016 (conference series 2016-2019)