Transformation of the submarine bunkers at Keroman

Masterplan for the conversion of a raw building with minimal intervention

The project creates the spatial conditions for the appropriation of new uses. Addition of infrastructure and development of a diversity of use. Enrichment with commercial- and service offerings, educational, research and museums facilities in the segment: man and ocean


Planning area of the bunker complex on the headland of Keroman


It is proposed that the infrastructure will develop in individual phases that function on their own.
A structure of pedestrian bridges and squares creates reciprocal relationships with the existing architecture.


Bunker complex with complemented infrastructure, seen from the other side of the harbor


Floor plan I – III


Entrance hall


Museum in the tunnel of Keroman I


Square on the former shifting station


Roof utilsation concept I – III


ProgramUtilsation study for three submarine bunkers
StatusInternational ideas competition
LocationKeroman Lorient, France
ClientCity of Lorient in partnership with the European Union (FEDER) and the French Ministry of Defence (FRED), organised in coordination with UIA and UNESCO
Area65.000 m2
ServicesProgram and location analyses, strategic development, visualisation