The housing estate at Schäferstraße is situated in the Berlin district of Spandau near the Havel river. It includes two eight-storey buildings from the 1970s which are connected by a two-storey car park. This car park was examined for its potential of a (partial) conversion into housing space. The study offers 3 options with different degrees of dismantling the parking levels and new construction of housing levels. Like this up to 50 new housing units can be realised for which floor plan standards also have been developed.


  1. Analysis of the existing building structure
  2. Implementing measures / models
  3. Trial designs
  4. Housing levels / variations 
  5. Standardised and variable floor plan solutions
  6. Type and facade
  7. Material and surfaces
  8. Calculation of area and cost estimate


Location Berlin-Spandau, Germany
Client Berliner Bau- und Wohnungsgenossenschaft von 1892 eG
Area TSA: 7.800 m2
Date 2015