The housing complex “Leinestraße” has been examined for its potential of densification and creation of new housing. The building that fills one entire city block was constructed around 1925 by Bruno Taut in the New Objectivity (“Neue Sachlichkeit”) architectural style. By adding another level in the attic floor, that was already changed in the reconstruction because of wartime destructions under cost-effective conditions. This will require a new construction of the roof truss and small changes in the facade. The size and the design of the floor layouts is based on the floor plans of Bruno Taut.


  1. History of the building and existing building structure
  2. Measures for densification/addition of storey
    – Construction of the roof truss
    – Illumination
    – Circulation and  und accessibility
    – Heat insulation
    – Fire protection and escape routes
    – Sound insulation
    – Building services
    – Interior construction
    – Pollutants
  3. Roof landscape / size and layouts
  4. Effect of the roof on the structure of the building
  5. Calculation of surface and construction cost


Loccation Berlin-Neukölln, Germany
Client Stadt und Land Wohnbauten-Gesellschaft mbH
Area TSA: 3.200 m2
Date 2016