The eastern part of the Tegel airport site (which is scheduled to be closed at the end of 2017) is planned to be a sustainable, future-orientated housing area with social mixture, that will make an important contribution for the housing strategy of the Berlin State. It is intended to create a mixed-use-residential location for more than 10.000 inhabitants, that is integrated into the urban setting and also connected to the natural landscape spaces. The proposal envisages a 3-7-storey high ‘carpet’ of buildings with different typologies, densities and mix of uses. Parts of the building are arranged in a north-south direction for ideal sun exposure and energy generation. The ‘carpet” adjoins the central grass area between the former runways, which forms a green oasis in the center of the new neighborhood. At Kurt-Schumacher-Square 12-storey high-rises are planned to create a center for service and retail with offices and housing.


  1. Analysis of the urban environment
  2. Evaluation of the existing green spaces
  3. Development of a strategy for the urban integration
  4. Design of prototype buildings
  5. Circulation concept
  6. Sun and shadow studies

Bird’s-eye view of the planning area

Location Berlin-Reinickendorf, Germany
Client Senate Department for Urban Development, Berlin
Area Planning area: 48 ha, TSA: 580.000 m2
Date 2016