Dortmund show-houses

The research project focuses on the planning and construction of urban show-houses in solid construction as a base for a research for sustainable and lasting construction. The target value of the primary energy demand of the buildings is the “KFW55-Standard”. Three identical town houses with different construction of their exterior walls, ceilings and roof are compared and evaluated in terms of their energy efficiency and ageing capacity. The comparison and the evaluation of the measurements are done in a long-term study.


1. Design of three terraced houses with layouts for a variety of purposes
2. Energetic concept for three different exterior wall constructions
3. Conception of the Micro-CHP system small-scale plant
4. Concept for the monitoring within the evaluation period
5. Energy measurements and calculations of the construction and utilization process

Location Dortmund Wambel, Germany
Client Dogewo- Dortmunder Gesellschaft für Wohnen mbH (housing assiciation)
Team Research institute: TU Dortmund, Institut für Stadtbaukunst
Project management: Martin Cors, Dipl.-Ing. Architekt, Imke Woelk und Partner
Energy balancing: Markus Motz, Dipl.-Ing. Architekt, TU Dortmund
Area  345 m2 UA
Date Planing and construction : 2009-2013
Monitoring: 2013-2063