Bauhaus Museum, Dessau

Place creates space. Integrating the identity of the park

The design of the museum occupies completely the available site area and incorporates the existing trees and other elements of the park. The exhibition building reflects the identity of the site. Its glass façade reacts to changing daylight colours and realities. The visitor is invited on a fictitious journey through a manipulated nature. As a guest, he walks through the building on ever new paths, as free as in a park. The exhibits of the Bauhaus can be measured up to a specific environment. They confront a new “primitive future” and hence allow the verification of their aceptance.


Imke Woelk: Clearing, bareness, brightness, strike; Photography, 55 x 73 cm, 2020


Concept sketch of the building with open and closed courtyards


Site plan


Floor plan


Exhibition space




ProgrammeMuseum (exhibition, visitor service, museum education, administration, Café and logistic)
StatusInternational realization competition
LocationDessau-Roßlau, Germany
ClientBauhaus Dessau Foundation
Gross floor area3.713 m2
ServicesProgram and location analyses, strategic development, artistic concept, technical concept, design planning, visualisation