IMKEWOELK + Partners is and architectural practice that brings together architecture and art, planning praxis and research. Not separating ecology and existence, our main focus is on diversity, equity and inclusion.

“For us, architecture is no longer that which implies growth and expansion, but a practice that limits these possibilities in relation to nature.”

We regard the world as a collective form, built from the duality of nature and urbanisation, stability and change, individuality and community.

Each of our architectural works embodies a intersection of relations, which can be understood as a whole or in its various dimensions: as an idea, as art, as a technical solution, as a social field.

Central to our work is the confrontation with open space, which has been continuously discussed since the important buildings of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

“It is our conviction that a proactive space in its specific universality harbors tremendous potential – whether as a social idea or as a design principle.” 

Not as a neutral surface, but instead as the conceptual framework of a precisely formulated space which is completed through he human use. A space that is aware of its relational character and creates relationships with its environment.


This too is the legacy of the art of the 20th century, whose method is the unfinished, the fragment, the open work.

“Within this aesthetic category we work and engage in experimentation on spatial strategies and identities that are non-dogmatic and sensual, both open to the unexpected and to the other, multifaceted and well-suited to everyday life.”

The complexity and effectiveness of our projects are the result of the realization of ecological and sensory qualities that are economical and humane.