• Lecture: Serial and modular construction
    as an instrument of redensification


    Martin Cors has been invited by the Academy of Real Estate Industry in Berlin (BBA) of to speak on the conference: “The future of serial housing in practice”

    Ramada Hotel, Berlin Alexanderplatz

  • Exhibition: Berlin Award 2016
    Heimat in der Fremde

    16. - 28.06.2016

    Exhibition of the project contributions

    Alte Zollgarage at Tempelhof Airport, Berlin

    Contributions: “Gartenheim” (Garden Home) and “Trailer”

  • Publication:
    ARCH+ Legislating Architecture


    Legislating Architecture, a collaboration with Arno Brandlhuber and Tobias Hönig, investigates how law creates design

    Contribution of IMKE WOELK:
    The garden home

  • Exhibition:
    Venice Architecture Biennale 2016

    27.05. - 27.09. 2016

    Exhibition of the contribution
    Gartenheim (“Garden Home”)
    at the German Pavilion,
    Architecture Biennale 2016:
    “Reporting from the Front”

  • Workshop-Tutor:
    Academy for Architectural Culture

    25.05. - 17.06.2016

    From Module to Urban Quarter
    Case Study Houses for the 21st Century

    Academy for Architectural Culture, Hamburg

  • Lecture: BDA Stadtsalon:
    Dense city – What can serve as a model?


    Projektraum of ExRotaprint, Berlin

    Among other guests Imke Woelk will present her position

  • Exhibition: Museum of the 20th century
    and its urban integration

    26.02. - 13.03.2016

    Sonderausstellungshallen, Kulturforum, Berlin

  • Exhibition:
    Urban Living – Strategies for the future

    01.02. - 01.04.2016

    The international URBAN LIVING-Workshop (initiated by the Senate Building Director of Berlin, Regula Luescher) generated ideas for new affordable living typologies, livable neighborhoods and a resilient urban development.

    Curator: Kristien Ring

    Atrium of Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt, Berlin-Mitte

  • Publication:
    Bauwelt “FLUCHT NACH VORN” (flight forward)


    From the crisis modus of the sheltering to urban planning

    Contribution about prototypical densification of a row settlement in Berlin Uhlenhorst.

    Text: Doris Kleilein, Friederike Meyer

  • Publication:
    Walter Ruprechter: Passagen


    Studies about the cultural exchange between Japan and the West

    Publication of sketches for the projects “Katsura Spaces”

  • “Political Breakfast Meeting”:
    Designing Berlin’s Center


    Challenges – concepts – consequences

    Dialogue about the guidelines of the developments for the area between the future Humboldt-Forum and the TV tower

    Akademie der Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Berlin

  • Exhibition:
    “The Sky over Berlin”, BDA 40/40

    26.11. - 31.12.15

    BDA Galerie, Berlin

  • Discussion with experts:
    The digital world – benefits for housing?


    Deutsches Architekturzentrum DAZ, Berlin

  • Exhibition:
    Bauhaus Museum Dessau Competition

    29.10.15 - 31.01.16

    Exhibition of the competition entries

    Bauhaus Dessau

  • Research stay
    Can Lis, Mallorca, Jørn Utzon

    17.10 - 13.11.2015

    Grant, Danish Arts Foundation

  • Exhibition: URBAN LIVING at COAM Madrid


    Presented by the Fundación Arquitectura COAM and the Germany Embassy in Madrid

    COAM – Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid

  • Exhibition: ARTNIT


    Open Studio: Modern Archaeology

  • Jury member: 10th Intern. Summer
    Academy, ars Berlin 2015


    Modular buildings on residential buildings of the 1960s

    Senatsbaudirektorin (Senate Building Director)
    Regula Lüscher

  • BDA Publication: CAPITAL BERLIN 40/40


    contains our project: BÜRGERFORUM
    (cititens’ forum)

  • Open office day


    Imke Woelk and Partner is opening their office at the Berlin Corbusierhaus and is will present current projects

  • Table-Talk: How to live?


    Debate with architects and representatives of the Berlin housing companies
    Welcome address by Regula Lüscher, Director of the Senate Building Department
    Moderation: Kristien Ring

  • PreFab 2.0 – Is there a pre-fab housing future? Studio talk with PreFab experts


    Taking part in the discussion: Prof. Wolf Eisentraut, architect, Berlin; Dr. Angelika Mettke, civil engineer, BTU Cottbus; Carsten Hein, civil engineer, Arup Berlin; Sam Chermayeff, architect, June 14, Berlin; Dr. Imke Woelk, architect, Imke Woelk und Partner, Berlin; Lars Ernst, management of WBM Berlin-Mitte
    Moderation: Claus Käpplinger, Berlin, architecture critic and author

    Organisation: Imke Woelk und Partner in cooperation with WBM-Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Berlin-Mitte

  • Exhibition: WBS 70 – Pre-fab revisited


    Concept and scenographic set up
    On behalf of WBM – Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Berlin-Mitte

  • Participation at Make City-Festival
    Architecture and Urban Alternatives

    11.- 28.6. 2015

    – Studio talk: Prefab 2.0 – Is there a pre-fab housing future? (16.06.)
    – Exhibition: Prefab Revisited – „raw condition“
    of a pre-fab apartment (13./14.06)

    in cooperation with WBM – Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Berlin-Mitte

  • Jury member: “Changing city – city of ideas”


    Subject: “Stadt bewegen” (Moving the city)

  • Exhibition: “Braunschweig School” / 1945-2015


    Architecture diplome theses, contribution by Imke Woelk
    Braunschweig University
    Architecture pavillon, Pockelstraße 4

  • Politisches Frühstücksgespräch


    Together with other guests Imke Woelk is discussing with Manfred Rettig, spokesman of the board of the Berlin Palace foundation about the topic: “World class museum landscape – design and perspectives of the Humboldtforum.

  • Exhibition: Urban Living:
    From Self-Made City to Future Strategies

    22.5. - 4.7.15

    Contribution: Model of densification of a row housing estate

    Deutsches Architekturzentrum DAZ, Berlin
    Inaugutation: May, 21st 2015

  • BDA Stadtsalon
    Position: sustainable building


    Andrew Alberts, Urs Füssler, Andreas Herschel, Barbara Hoidn, Jörg Jopien, Theresa Keilhauer, Erhard An-He Kinzelbach, Carsten Krohn, Sven Kuhrau, Moritz Schloten, Wilfried Wang, Karsten Wittke, Imke Woelk about Ad-Deir, Petra, Jordanien

  • Appointment


    Imke Woelk was appointed as new member (deputy) of the advisory committee for art at the Berlin Senate Administration

  • Workshop: Architectural quality of affordable housing


    Organized by the Federal Construction Ministry and the Federal Chamber of Architects

  • Green Product Award – selection 2015


    Our project “Ocean Cloth” was chosen for the Green Selection of the GREEN PRODUCT AWARD 2015

  • BDA Stadtsalon: Value & valuation – architecture of the 1960s


    Lecture by Prof. Dr. Kerstin Wittmann-Englert,
    Technical University Berlin, Institute for Art Research
    Location: ‘Waschhaus’ at Corbusierhaus Berlin

    Host: Imke Woelk und Partner

  • Book launch: Urban Living –
    Strategies for future housing


    Editor: Kristien Ring AA PROJECTS
    In cooperation with the Berlin Senate Administration for Urban Development

    Publikation der Beiträge zum Ideenwettbewerb “Urban Living – Neues Wohnen in Berlin”

  • DETAIL talk series:
    architectural society


    Subject: City / Countryside / Future

    Boffi, Berlin

  • Exhibition: Capital Berlin. 40/40
    Public forum for the 21st century


    Positions on the on-going development of Berlin as capital
    Gallery talk: December, 2nd, 7 p.m.

    BDA Galerie, Berlin

  • Exhibition: “Changing City – City of ideas” Plattform Award 2014

    02.10. - 13.11.2014

    KAP Forum Köln

  • Groundbreaking ceremony:
    Densification of Gropiusstadt


    Construction of a new residential and commercial building with 57 residential units.
    Fritz-Erler-Allee, Berlin-Neukölln

  • 1st prize:
    “Changing City – City of ideas”


    Berlin’s situation in a nutshell


  • Lecture:
    Cityscape and energy


    Energetic renovation of historic buildings

    Dortmund University

  • Guest critic: Communal forms of living, social urban development


    TU Berlin, Institute of Architektur,
    Chair of Prof. Dr. Susanne Hofmann

  • Exhibition: New Forms of Urban Living


    Inauguration by Regula Lüscher,
    Berlin Senate Building Director
    HO | Berlin

  • Final colloquium: New Forms of Urban Living


    Ideas competiton of the Berlin Senate Administration for Urban Development, HO | Berlin

  • Exhibition talk:
    40/40 – Social housing Berlin


    BDA Galerie Berlin

  • Exhibition:
    40/40 – Social housing Berlin

    24.09. - 24.10.2013

    Project Gartenheim (“Garden Home”)
    BDA Galerie, Berlin

  • Construction site visit and lecture:
    Energy-efficient housing


    11th Dortmund Science Day

  • Exhibition:
    50th anniversary of Gropiusstadt

    23.10. – 25.11.2012

    Heimat Großsiedlung (Large housing estate as home)

    Contribution for the urban peer review
    Forum Factory, Berlin

  • Exhibition opening:
    50th anniversary of Gropiusstadt


    Inauguration by the Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit, Forum Factory, Berlin

    (model of the masterplan for the densification of Gropiusstadt-South)

  • Lecture: The Open Space – Spatial conceptions for the Neue Nationalgalerie


    BDA-Stadtsalon, Berlin

  • Topping out ceremony:
    Energy efficient town houses


  • Lecture: Energy-optimised construction
    in the long-term perspective

    24.01.2012 – 06.03.2012

    Wienerberger Masonry Convention 2012,
    nationwide in 9 cities

  • 1st prize: “Award for Good Buildings” 2010 BDA Northrhine-Westfalia


    for the construction of the International Meeting Centre at Dortmund University

  • Exhibition
    Imke Woelk: Katsura Spaces

    22.06 – 13.08.2011

    Galerie Dittmar, Auguststraße 22, Berlin

  • Exhibition opening
    Imke Woelk: Katsura Spaces


    Galerie Dittmar, Auguststraße 22, Berlin

  • Inauguration: 
Logo of Dortmund University


    Mathematics Building

, Dortmund University

  • Groundbreaking ceremony: 
research project – Energy-efficient town houses


  • Awarding of the academic degree:
    Doctor of Engineering


    Atrium of the Technical University Berlin

  • Inauguration:
    International Meeting Centre


    Dortmund University

  • Lecture: 

Ecology, sustainability and cultural heritage


    Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

  • Lecture: Logical Order –
    architectural drawings by Imke Woelk


    Global Design Leader Symposium, Seoul

  • Lecture: Open space as territory –
    Mies van der Rohe’s New National Gallery


    KumHo Museum, Seoul

  • Panel discussions:
    Neue Nationalgalerie 40th Anniversary


    Monica Bonvicini, Friedrich von Borries, Elmgreen & Dragset, Clemens Fahnemann, Douglas Gordon, Ann Veronica Janssens, Petra und Paul Kahlfeldt, Veronika Kellndorfer, Michael Kimmelman, Hans Kollhoff, Wilfried Kühn, Jürgen Mayer H., Friedrich Meschede, Markus Miessen, Fritz Neumeyer, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Peter Pannke, Angela Schneider, Annette Schryen, Peter-Klaus Schuster, Roland Steckel, IMKE WOELK

Lectures: 50 years Le Corbusier’s Housing Unit “Type Berlin”


    Jan Pieper, Arthur Rüegg, Stanislaus von Moos

    Introduction: MARTIN CORS

  • Start of construction:
    International Meeting Centre


    Dortmund University

  • Exhibition of the competition results:
    Monument to Freedom and Unity, Berlin

    6. - 31.5.2008

    Kronprinzenpalais, Unter den Linden, Berlin

  • Exhibition:
    Topology of Regularity

    01.05. - 31.07.2008

Solo exhibition at Centre Culturel Coreen, Noumea, New Caledonia

Inauguration: Residential and commercial building, Uslar


  • Architectural tours: Architecture Day 2007


    Cavalier House Meinbrexen Manor, Lauenförde

    Chamber of Architects Lower Saxony

Lecture: Form and Material


    Technical University Dresden

Exhibition: Architectural Drawings

    06.05. - 20.08.2007Imke-Woelk-news-ausstellung-architectural-drawing

    Korean Institute of Architects, Seoul

  • Workshop: Art hall

    20.11 - 25.11.2006

    Facultà di Architettura di Roma Tre, Rom

  • Exhibition: Natural Regulations –
    Architectural drawings

    17.05. - 03.07.2006

    Solo exhibition at Galerie Dittmar,
    Auguststraße 22, Berlin

  • Lecture: Resource efficient construction


    Deutsches Architekturzentrum Berlin
    (German Center for Architecture )

  • Exhibition: 
Realization competition
    Topography of Terrors

    10.03.- 17.04.2006

    Exhibition of the competition entries at Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin

  • Commendation: 

    German Galvanizing Award


  • Lecture: Process and Result –
    Architecture of Imke Woelk and Partner


    Ehwa Women‰’s University,
    Department of Architecture, Seoul

  • Exhibition: Cities
    grand bazaar of architectures

    03.07. ‰- 07.10.2005

    UIA Congress, Istanbul

  • Exhibition:
    10 under 1000: reconstruction – housing

    30.05. ‰- 14.07.2005

    BDA Galerie, Berlin

Architectural symposium:
    ‰Sustainable teaching concepts


    Moderation of the lectures about ‰’methodology’
    Technical University Dresden, Faculty of Architecture

  • Exhibition concept and exhibition architecture: Metropolitan Art Preview

    17.09. - 10.10.2004

    Parish Hall St. Elisabeth, Berlin-Mitte

Exhibition opening: Metropolitan Art Preview Buenos Aires – Berlin


    Parish Hall St. Elisabeth, Invalidenstraße,

Exhibition: Duration by variation –
    organizational structures of a settlement

    19.06. ‰- 27.07.2004

    Opening address: Dr. Barbara Kisseler, State Secretary for Culture, Berlin Senate Administration
    Galerie framework, Berlin

  • 1st prize: 
KFW Award
    “Living European Style”


    Award ceremony with Ingrid Matthäus-Maier, board member of der Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) (German Reconstruction Loan Corporation)

  • Exhibition: 

400 000 Homes –
    Housing in Catalonia

    09.05. ‰- 26.09.2004

    Forum of Cultures, Barcelona

  • Exhibition: 

Kunst Raum (art space) –
    3 exhibition settings

    16.04. ‰- 30.04.2004

    Galerie suitcase, Berlin


Exhibition: Viviendas en Cataluyna 

    17.03. ‰- 21.04.2004

    Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya, Barcelona

  • 1st prize: Int. housing competition – ‘400.000 Homes in Catalonia’


    Award of the Chamber of Architects Catalonia (Col·legi d’Arquitectes de Catalunya), Barcelona


Exhibition: Finale 03

    27.11. ‰- 21.12.2003

    German Academy Rome, Villa Massimo


Lecture: From image to space- reference systems of design planning


    Kunstverein Herford (Herford art association)


Parc, Villa Torlonia – Workshop with Rex Henry


    German Academy Villa Massimo, Rome

  • Lecture: 

Unité d‰’habitation Berlin –
    Idea versus reality


    Bauhaus University Weimar

  • Exhibition: Open studios / Villa Massimo


    Studio 7, German Academy Rome


Lecture: City field – Europan 6


    Dortmund University, Faculty of Spatial Planning


Exhibition: Architecture in the process of urban renewal

    21.01. ‰- 07.02.2003

    Dortmund University, Faculty of Spatial Planning

  • Imke Woelk awarded the annual fellowship of Villa Massimo


    German Academy Rome

    Section: Architecture
    Fellows: Thomas Demand, Leni Hoffmann, Johannes Kalitzke, Stefan Streich, Silke Schatz, Matthias Hoch, Imke Woelk, Roland Boden, Rainer Splitt, Volkhard Kempter, Thomas Kunst

  • Exhibition: Floating Spaces – Open Systems

    08.11.- 07.12.2002

    Galerie Rosenthal, Berlin

  • Exhibition: 

    European Prize for Urban Public Space

    25.06. ‰- 26.07.2002

    Centre de Cultura Contemporania Barcelona

  • Lobby design: Unité d´Habitation “Type Berlin”


    In cooperation with the artist Ingo Moser, Köln

  • Lecture: 

Architectural drawing as place of spatial speculation


    Technical University Berlin, Faculty of Architecture

  • Exhibition: 

Europan 6 – Architecture in the process of urban renewal

    02.10. ‰- 26.11.2001

    Sony European Headquarters, Berlin

  • Lecture: 

The logic of rationality in the architectural planning process


    Technical University Berlin, Faculty of Architecture

  • Exhibition: 

Mosaic Systems

    04.04. ‰- 02.06.2000

    Gallery Lucia, St. Ives, UK

  • Innovation Award “Office World”, Koelnmesse, 
Deutscher Hochschulpreis


    German University Award

  • Exhibition: 


    12.07. - 20.09.1997

    Solo exhibition at Galerie Schloss Natzungen, Warburg

  • Exhibition : Fields and Knots


    Coningsby Gallery, London

  • Exhibition:
Milan Triennale of Architecture, 1996


    Institute of Contemporary Arts, Mailand

Premio Internationale di Architettura
    Andrea Palladio
, Vicenza


    Commendation for “The Eagle”, expansion of a residential building, Braunschweig
    in coorperation with Alten Architects