Lectures and conferences


Fragmental_ on the dissolution of public space
Symposium by 'Dortmund Positions', Prof. Heike Hanada, TU Dortmund
Participants: Filip Dujardin, Job Floris, Simona Malvezzi, Oda Pälmke,
Uwe Schröder, Giuseppe Strappa, Rahel Whiteread, Imke Woelk
Radikal Modern_04: Co-Ownership of Action. The Japan Pavilion at Biennale 2021
Participation at the virtual lecture by Kozo Kadowakio, Jo Nagasaka and Ryoko Iwase
2020FU Erfurt, Masterstudio Architektur, Thomas Burlon
Vortrag: On the Culture of Nature (online)

2019AEDES Network Campus (ANCB) Berlin
Symposium: Housing for sustainable urban development
Conception, organisation and presentation

2018BELEKTRO, Messe Berlin (Berlin trade face center)
Architectural forum: Joint building and housing
Lecture: Housing in new nature

Symposium Berliner Bear Pit: Artistic and cultural interim use
Lecture: A different nature
2018MAKE CITY Berlin
Festival for Architecture and Urban Alternatives
Studio talk: Berlin – Common archipelagos, vision of the city as a natural metropolis

2018AEDES Network Campus (ANCB) Berlin
Symposium: Sustainable neighbourhood development
Conception, organisation and presentation

2018TU Braunschweig, Department of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences
Lecture: Rahmen ('Framework')
2018BEUTH University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Department of Architecture and Building Technology
Lecture: Place, Structure, Program - Against the backdrop of social change
2017TU Dresden, Faculty of Architecture, Institute of Design and Structure
Lecture: The open space - On the aesthetics of the useful
2017BDA Stadtsalon ('city showroom'), Berlin
Lecture: Architectural mannesrs, what is the contemporary style?
2017BAUHAUS University Weimar, Institute of European Urban Studies
Symposium: Perspectives of the rural in an urbanised world,
Vortrag: Garden Home - Potential of inner-city densification
2016LEIBNIZ University Hannover, Institute for History and Theory of Architecture
Symposium: Common Ground
Lecture: The open space as form of usage
2016TTU Graz, Institute of Architectural Technology
November Talks ‚Think Tank Architecture’
Lecture: Open Space

2016AEDES Network Campus (ANCB) Berlin
Symposium: Modular development of Berlin city neighbourhoods
Conception, organisation and presentation

2016BDA Stadtsalon ('city showroom'), Berlin
Lecture: The dense city - What can be a model?
2016BBA Academy of the real estate industry Berlin, Conference 'Standardised Housing'
Lecture: Serial and modular construction as an instrument of densification

2015DAZ German Center for Architecture Berlin
Table Talk: Housing how?
2015WBM, Housing Association Berlin - Mitte
Studio Talk: Future of prefab building
Conception, organisation and presentation
2015 BDA Stadtsalon ('city showroom'), Berlin
Lecture: Sustainable building
2015 BDA Stadtsalon ('city showroom'), Berlin
Lecture: Value and valuation - Architecture of the 1960s
2014DETAIL Talk series: Architectural society
Lecture: ‚City - Land - Future’
2013ROMA TRE Università degli Studi
Symposium: Operational Realism in Design
2012TU Berlin, Institute of Architecture
Lecture series: Position
Lecture: Design Model as Research Model
2012BDA Stadtsalon ('city showroom'), Berlin
Lecture: Identity by usage
2010LEIBNIZ University Hannover, Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Sciences
Lecture: Movable Space within Time
2009DUKSUNG Women’s University, Seoul
Lecture: Open-ended solution as spatial strategy
2008Global Design Leader Symposium, Seoul
Lecture: The task of architectural drawings
2008KUMHO ART MUSEUM, Symposium, Seoul
Lecture: Open Space as Territory
2007TU Dresden, Institute of Building Theory and Design
Lecture: Process as open-ended solution
2007KASSEL UNIVERSITY, Institute of Architecture
Lecture: Experiment and reflexion in the design process
2007STUTTGART UNIVERSITY, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning
Conception and aesthetics of reactive spatial models
2006DAZ German Center for Architecture, Berlin
Lecture: Resources for optimizing building
2006Korean Institute of Female Architects, Seoul
Lecture: Le Corbusier’s 5 Unités
2005EHWA Women’s University, Seoul, Department of Architecture
Lecture: Changefulness of Open Space
TU Dresden
Architectural symposium: Design theory
Lecture: Methodology
2003METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY London, Architecture and Spatial Design
Lecture: Plans of actions in urban context
2003Kunstverein (art association) Herford
Lecture: From image to space: Frameworks of design planning
2003VILLA MASSIMO, German Academy Rome
Lecture: The Role of Image in Space
2003TU Dortmund
Faculty of Urban Design
Lecture: Stadtfeld ('City field'), an urban-planning concept - Europan
2002TU Berlin
Department of Architecture, Building Theory and Design
Lecture: The technical drawing as a place of spatial speculation
2001TU Berlin
Department of Architecture, Building Theory and Design
Lecture: The logic of rationality in the architectural Die Logik der Rationalität im architectural planning process