Building codes

Content and art conception for the German contribution to the 15th Architecture Biennale in Venice 2016 


Are building regulations the enemy of architecture? The exhibition wants to start to untangle the red tape of this complicated restrictions. There is a dense minefield of rules and regulations that governs everything from the size of windows to the pitch of rooftops. We are interested in the physical outcome of these rules, the economic side effects they have, and how they tend to formalize existing patterns of inequality.

Digital library


A monitor table allows the discourse with existing building codes


The set of building regulations, their relations and architectural consequences are mirrored on interactive whiteboards


Visitors are being addressed on different levels: with texts that are digitally available as well as with exhibited object that are put on display


The possible discourse ranges from artistic performances to symposiums


The German location between the national pavilions is inviting to discuss the topic with the European neighbors too


Table and library in the “Room of the Legal Regulations”


ProgrammeCuration for the german contribution for the 15th Architectural Biennale in Venice
StatusCandidacy, shortlist
LocationVenice, Italy
TeamIMKEWOELK + partners, Berlin and Christine Edmaier
Client Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety
Services Program analysis, artistic concept, visualisation